You want to pause or turn off the thoughts in your head, but you just can’t. Your thoughts turn into worries and a whole host of ‘what ifs?’. You feel nervous regularly and so frustrated that you just can’t stop this cycle. Your sleep is disturbed and you wake up worrying and unable to get back to sleep. Throughout the next day you feel tense and uptight and snap at your family. You feel trapped and just want to escape this sense of dread.

Through all of this you laugh and smile, even having successes and achievements. Your body is using nervous energy to keep you moving forwards and always pushing you to do even better.

We all experience feelings of anxiety at some points in our life, like when we attend a job interview or taking an exam. Anxiety is the body’s natural response to real or perceived danger. The natural response of anxiety becomes a disorder when it is excessive and difficult to control, and causes distress and impairment.

You don’t have to feel like this. You have a choice. You can break this continuous cycle, gain control over your thoughts and emotions and have the tools to manage your anxiety. Let me help you.

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