Stop smoking

You know consciously that smoking is really bad for you in lots of ways, your health physically and mentally can suffer and financially it hits your pocket.

You may even have tried to quit before through willpower and found you have started again and feel really frustrated you just can’t seem to kick this habit in the butt.

There are a number of reasons why people smoke.

  • The chemical addiction of nicotine that causes withdrawal symptoms and the ‘need’ for nicotine
  • Situation triggers – the smoke you want when you’re in certain situations or with certain people
  • Emotional triggers – the smoke you want when you’re stressed, upset, bored or happy.

Not one size fits all in therapy, so if you are ready to stop smoking for good then Hypnoshift’s cut down method ran over four sessions ensures you have the best possible chance to break this habit for good.

I will target you subconscious mind with powerful suggestions and give you some fantastic tools to break the associations and cravings to smoking.

The changes don’t take long you will find that you you can improve your life in so many ways:

  • Breathe easier
  • Smell fresher
  • Food tasting different
  • Mind becoming clearer
  • Lower the risk of serious illness
  • Circulation improvements
  • More confidence in yourself because you know that you are in control, instead of being controlled by an addiction.
  • Save money. 20 cigarettes cost £10 on average

Heres what your habit is costing you

Per day Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly
10 £5 £35 £151.50 £1,820
20 £10 £70 £303 £3,640
40 £20 £140 £606 £7,280

Imagine for the cost of 4 sessions cut down and smoking cessation package for £200 you’d save thousands of pounds per year. Now just think what you could use that extra cash for? A holiday, several trips away, house renovations.

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  • Package of 4 sessions for £225
  • Online via secure video platform Zoom
  • Personalised MP3 recording to continue your therapy at home
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